Go car-free! It’s delicious!

Top Ten FOOD-RELATED Reasons To Ditch Your Car(s)

10. You could win an Ipod Nano for being pledging to be car-free on September 22nd in the DC Metro area, which you could fill with cooking-related podcasts.

9. By not having to buy a new Ipod, the money you save from (or get from selling) the Nano can take you and a date out to a nice restaurant in the city.

8. Stop having to worry about gas prices and beat inflation. It will give you more money to spend on foods that drivers cannot afford anymore.

7. Besides gasoline, you won’t have to pay for vehicle registration, auto insurance, car repairs and maintenance, parking (especially in cities) and other car expenses that can kill your budget. You’ll have more money and can eat out more or buy better food. Enjoy the finer things in life!

6. By not driving, but perhaps by strolling to your nearest farmer's market for much of your perishable shopping, you'll be supporting your local economy, culture and the market demand for natural, fresh produce.

5. By not driving, you won't eat out nearly as much since you won't be able to get to places as easily. You'll cook at home more making yourself a better cook, plus you'll save significant calories and money you would have used by going out.

4. By grocery shopping in smaller trips, so you can carry it all home without a car, you will be more efficient in your shopping and thus waste less food, not overbuy and spend less money overall on groceries each week.

3. Less driving means being involved in way less traffic and less stress. Less stress is something that affects your health in so many good ways. You’ll even enjoy the taste of your food more as you relax while eating it, and you’ll eat less tasteless junk as well.

2. You'll be lowering your own personal carbon footprint about as much as one can in just one fell swoop. This will promote a cleaner globe and help to slow environmental change, so that food will still be around in 50 years for you and your grandchildren to enjoy together.

1. Less driving à More walking/biking à More calories burned each and every day ( à More food you can eat without gaining weight and more justification for eating out when you do since you’re walking there)

To see some of the efforts that my community, Arlington, VA is doing to promote care-free living, check out:

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