Frittata King

I'm not sure I know of any other dish that can be as perfect of a light, easy, yet immensely satisfying dinner as the lovely frittata. That's why I made it last night after a filling (and expensive) dinner out the night before.

My basic frittata is incredibly easy, and that's what I love most about it. I take 6 eggs and 2-3 tablespoons of milk and beat them together like scrambled eggs. Then I add a pinch of salt, fresh cracked pepper, a few dashes of hot sauce and the toppings/ingredients. Yesterday I chopped four small Campari tomatoes and 15 or so standard green olives with pimiento. I also finely grated a large handful of sharp cheddar cheese and sprinkled it into the mixture. I mixed the entire very hard together so that the cheese and all the spices incorporated amongst the egg and ingredients.

I sprayed a glass, round baking dish with non-fat cooking spray and poured the entire mixture inside. I sprinkled another small handful of cheddar on top and carefully placed the dish in the oven at 350 degrees and baked for a little under 25 minutes – until the top was golden, the frittata had puffed up a bit and most importantly, that a toothpick stuck through the center came out clean.

The end result was lovely and golden, fluffy and inviting. I cut it into four, each piece with only 1.5 eggs and served one to each of us along with a couple pieces of toast. We both enjoyed it immensely; the egg had become perfectly fluffy, and the ingredients had just the right tangy, salty and savory elements that were ideal and satisfying. For a dish that can be prepped in 5 minutes and baked in another 25, the frittata is about as good as it gets. The fact that it gave dinner for TWO nights was just icing on the cake, or cheese on the frittata.

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