Farewell to Wheels

Today: my last ride on the bus that started autoFoodography. The Crystal City metro shuttle that added up to 20 minutes to my commute and countless characters to your cortexes. Following our move, next week my commute will be halved, but I'm hoping I still harness in enough time to haphazardly continue my culinary-literary hijinks. My culinary journey will not end but improve and invariably incite my innovation. My literary drive will never fade into melancholy malaise. And my creative wheels will continue to turn, despite never again happening atop the turning wheels of a bus. So don't fear the retirement of the bus ride lyrics upon my move, get excited for the countless dishes I'll be making in my new kitchen and the restaurants I'll be trying in my new neighborhoods. As for finding the time to construct the words on a severely shortened commute: leave that one to me. If you continue to share your time reading, I'll continue to share my time writing.

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