You-Me Pizza

Finding a good pizza can be tricky. Sometimes it happens though when you least expect it. Like when you just stumble in starving. This is what happened late one evening with Luigi's on 19th near M, south of Dupont Circle in DC. Exiting Science Club bar next door, all we wanted was pizza and there it was, still open. Ah, reminded me of the college days (last year) when food and drink were always in easy proximity.

We got a nice little table and a friendly waiter, who quickly confirmed that pizza here was a good choice. No small, medium or large here – you just tell them how many you want to eat for. We said two, and lo and behold, we got the perfect amount of pizza in our pie – maybe halfway between a small and medium and quartered.

Of course toppings were of utmost importance and they have many. Most were fresh, Italian ingredients including many meats and cheeses. Going for a tasty vegetarian one, we asked for garlic, green olives and Mediterranean olives. Good choices for a you-me pizza.

The pizza was sort of that perfect thin but not too thin, with a little chewiness that I love. The sauce and cheese had great taste, so I could tell they were of good quality. And genius! The garlic we ordered was diced tiny and actually incorporated into the cheese, so that beautiful flavor ran throughout, rather than forcing us to eat chunks of garlic or being too garish of a flavor in any one place. We both thought that was a delicious and clever aspect that really made the pizza divine. Of course the olives were great too – not too many, but just enough for that texture and tang that I absolutely need in a pizza. I love mushrooms and love onions, but never order them for me on a pizza without any additional tang or it will be the blandest pizza ever.

Well this pizza was not cursed by blandness. All aspects were well made, good quality, and that is enough to make a great pizza for me. We don't even eat too much pizza because it can be so hard to find one that's worth the, well, you know, kilocals. But when we do, we are very happy campers. You-me love our yummy.

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