Tortilla Reminder

I'm always looking for easy, delicious and healthy ways to eat dinner at home. Julia has a fabulous one, toastadas, that she loves, that I always pooh-pooh until we're already eating them and I remember how awesome and easy they are. So I'm never really craving them, but once I'm eating them, I'm like “why don't we eat these every night?” And Julia's like, “this is what I tell you all the time you fool!” And I laugh, conceding.

I have even touted this terrific dinner before – a long time ago – so I figure that in reminding myself of how good toastadas are, I should remind you too.

Seriously, if you're not sure what to make for dinner, just stick some corn tortillas, which naturally have no fat or sodium, in a 400 degree oven for 10-12 minutes on a baking sheet. You can put a little salt on them and even a little spray or oil, but they're great just dry toasted. It's up to you. Either way, you're already halfway to dinner.

At this point, you just need some toppings, so just pull out what you have – and/or what you're in the mood for. Got tomatoes? Dice them. Onion? Mince it. Scallion? Chop it up. A nice cheese? Grate it or crumble it. Salsa? Open it up. Avocado? Slice it up – or make guacamole. Beans? Open a can of black beans, drain it, and warm them in a little saucepan with a little black pepper, red wine vinegar, dash of canola oil and dash of hot sauce. Don't want vegetarian? Make a few chicken breasts or some browned beef. Sour cream? Take off the lid, or go a little healthier and reach for the Greek yogurt instead. And there are countless other things you could add or subtract to the equation to customize it to your very mood. All these complex decisions take only a matter of minutes to make and execute, and dinner is all set to go by the time the tortillas are crispy and golden.

Toastada night deserves much more respect from me. It's like taco night, but easier. And healthier. Just look at all the junk that is in standard store-bought taco shells and seasoning. Trans fat, saturated fat and tons of salt. These plain corn tortillas will taste better just dry toasted in your own oven. Everyone will love it. You will. I will. Just wanted to remind us.

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