White House Christmas Food

I guess one of the best perks of working for the President (non-politically) is the occasional invite to the White House for an evening of great food, drink and photo opp with the President and First Lady (publishing forthcoming). This was the case last week when four from my office (myself, Rebecca, Nora and Maggie), along with our dates, attended a White House Christmas Party. As one of the best perks of being my reader, is getting a chance to glance at the photos - namely of the food. Enjoy!

The Cuisine

Long view of the dinner selections showing lobster and cucumber salad in front of shaved prime rib. Not pictured (sadly) was the amazing lamb chop lollipops and cheddar grits. Also missing a picture of the bar, including the very spiked, very delicious egg nog. Lastly, I'm missing our photo with the President and First Lady - I haven't received it yet, but didn't want you all to miss out any longer on the rest of the festivities.

The cheese end of the table - yes that IS a six-inch-high brie on the right


Shaved Ham beside Potato Gratin

Rolls next to Asparagus Dippers

Lobster and cucumber salad next to prime rib

Enormous Shrimp Cocktail of Enormous Shrimps with Two Dipping Sauces


One of the luxurious dessert tables. Dessert looked beautiful and was overall tasty but didn't blow any of us away. The little caramel truffles were actually my favorite thing on the entire table, but we collectively sampled almost everything.

Patriotic Spice Cupcakes overlooking Bread Pudding

Spangled Star Christmas Cookies and Warm Blueberry Cobbler

Chiffon cake (I think) and pecan squares

Handmade caramels and truffles behind remnants of chocolate log


Jen, Nora & Maggie

Becca & Mike

Yours Truly, and Julia looking fantastic

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukkah, Happy New Year's and Happy Holidays!

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