Quick Tip: Ginger Sticky Rice

There's nothing quite like a really easy dish. Especially one that is super delicious and even healthy. Here's my quick tip product: Naturally Fresh Ginger Dressing.

I've been using this awesome dressing for a few years for several reasons. First, it's available in many grocery stores in the refrigerated salad dressings. Second, it is the only ginger dressing that I've ever found in a bottle that tastes just like Japanese restaurant ginger dressing. My favorite! Third, this dressing is very low in saturated fat and sugar, so it's not as bad as 99% of the the bottled dressings out there. That's pretty much why I avoid 99% of them except this one.

Once you have this super dressing, just make some rice. Whatever kind you like. Long grain or short grain. Basmati or Arborio. Brown or white. Or sushi/sticky rice. However, whichever you choose, do not use any butter or oil or salt. Just put a dollop of the dressing in the water at the beginning of the rice cooking, right when you would normally put a little butter/oil. Once the rice is cooked, you want to add more of the dressing so that there is enough to completely coat the rice after stirring well. Maybe a couple more tablespoons, but do it to your taste. Stir in a couple tablespoons, taste it and add more dressing a tablespoon at a time until it tastes great.

You want perfect stickiness of the rice and gingery, salty flavor from the dressing. But it will never be oily or greasy, just sticky and savory. So delicious. I could eat it every day.

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