The New Milk and Cookies

Milk and cookies. Quite a snack. I've been one-upping it for years though. Pretzels and orange juice.

Sounds outrageously weird, no? I would agree, except that I've been eating it since high school. And I have no clue what even got me eating it in high school.

But in actuality, I keep coming back to this snack because it is actually delicious – and not that bad for me. Well okay, pretzels are mostly carbs, as is OJ, so it's not the best, but if you're going to snack on crunch + liquid, it's good to find a crunch and a liquid without too much fat. Pretzels and OJ happen to have zero fat, while milk and cookies pack the fat and the carbs. Okay, so not a great argument, but this is a taste thing really.

Pretz and OJ have this unique interplay when you eat them together. The salt and the sweet, the crunch and the cool. Plus the OJ interplays with the pretzel, similarly to a milk and cookie, and is actually absorbed texturally into the fibers of the crunch. It makes for one vibrant, unique and addictive taste. Literally. I can't taste one on its own any more without subtly thinking I am tasting the other.

And I'm not necessarily crazy for liking this. I got Julia to try it a few years ago and now she likes it as much as I do. And she is NOT biased – and she DOES exist. Thus – this MUST BE legitimate. So give it a try. Join the pretz and OJ club!

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Anonymous said...

I prefer the unsalted, oat bran pretzels myself. The sweetness of the oat bran and the acidity of the OJ work fabulously together.

Glenn (AKA Dad)