Soft Serve Splurge

We might as well get to the point. Put on your shoes. Stand up. Walk outside. Ask yourself this: “am I currently in Washington DC?” If not, proceed to your nearest car, airport, VA/MD metro station, ship or thimble and get yourself into DC pronto.

Once here, head right over to I Street and 17th NW. I'll meet you there soon.

You're probably a little hungry by now, which is good. If you're hungry enough to splurge – even better! Now that we're together and on the same page, let's walk about 50 feet west on I Street toward 18th and stop. Nope, you passed it. No, not that big restaurant. Nope, not that awning either. There, that little hole in the wall. Dickey's Frozen Custard – the absolute best soft serve ice cream, general ice cream and/or frozen custard that I have consumed in quite some time, let alone in DC.

“Wait! Isn't that a sandwich place,” you ask. Ignore that. This cat is all tail. Maybe the soft serve machine is small, has only two flavors and is in the corner, but don't be fooled. This is the main attraction. Don't believe me? Stand here with me on the street outside in the middle of the business day and watch the people in their suits patronizing this place. Men, women, friends, groups swarm to this place (there's usually a line at lunch, and its unbelievably not even open past 5PM or at all on the weekends). And watch them. For every 10 that walk in, 10 walk out with a cone or a cup of soft serve custard – and 1 walks out with a sandwich too. Yah, he was the hungry one. So walk in and order a small chocolate-vanilla swirl. No dip, toppings or whipped cream necessary in my opinion, but go to town if you must. The treasure will remain in the base.

“So what makes this stuff so great, anyway,” you ask. Grab it, hold a 6-ounce cup of it. It just feels heavy. Like the density of a solid metal bar verses any other metal bar – hollow. It pulls you down more than it appears it could. Look at it. It has a great looking texture and thick body. It appears like a fluffy little mound, is heavy to the hand but goes down ever so smoothly. And dip your spoon in and pull it out, hold it upside down – the entire spoonful is motionless. The taste is just the epitome of flavor and creaminess, thickness and richness. You only really need a couple bites to feel the magic, but there's no real cap on how many bites of this your brain and stomach will let you enjoy. The two don't really know how to react.

They even have a low fat soft serve machine as well. You should take it from the person who always goes for the healthier yet still tasty version. This is the time to splurge and not even think about nutrition. If you have dessert once a day, once a week, once a month or once a year, go to Dickey's and I guarantee that you will not ever be disappointed. Even if you have to travel to DC each time. Plus, once you've been once, we can ACTUALLY get to the point, and you won't have to listen to me for 550+ words first.

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