Pleasant Surprises

It's nearing midnight on a work night and I'm dead tired. Julia enters the scene.

J: I'm gonna stay up and watch the Olympics.

M: Cool, I'm going to sleep.

J: Don't you need a lunch for tomorrow?

M: I guess. (Thinks fondly about going out to Phillip's tomorrow instead.) You wanna pack it for me? (As cutely as possible.)

J: Oh, I thought you were gonna take care of that. (With sarcasm.)

M: Nope, nope I was not.

J: Ugh, well what do you want then?

M: Anything.

J: Whole wheat bagel again?

M: Ugh, carbs sound hideous at the moment.

J: Well everything sounds bad, you're full from Don Pablo’s! I'm making you the bagel with cream cheese and tomato (as I see her already slicing a tomato and having pulled out the reduced fat cream cheese and toasting a bagel).

M: Okay, if you insist (less indignantly).

J: What else do you want? How about these strawberries?

M: Strawberries always make everything else in the lunch smell so fruity. Plus those don't look so hot. How about something fun?

J: You're crazy. They're not that old. They're fine. You want something fun, you think of something!

M: Ooh, how about a strawberry smoothie or shake or something. That would be fun, use up the berries, not smell -- perfect.

J: Yah, I could make you like a strawberry frap in our [mini blender].

M: Oh yah, that'll be good. Let me help.

J: You're quite welcome to. (Starts hulling eight or nine strawberries.)

M: (Looking in the emptyish fridge.) No milk left, but we do have that soy milk with fiber. Hmmm and OJ. Would sour cream go in that?

J: No! (Putting the strawberries in the 16-ounce blender cup and pouring in some of the fiber milk.)

M: Hey, not too much of that. I want to fit in all these other ingredients so it actually tastes good.

J: Who is making this?

M: Me! (Giggling.) We can save the rest of the fiber milk to even things out later.

J: Whatever you say.

M: Ok, now put in two fingers of OJ, two fingers of this pomegranate juice, this Fiber One vanilla yogurt and a couple splashes of this lime juice.

J: Ok sir, this is getting kind of full. Anything else?

M: Nah, let's whazz it up.

J: Man I'm so excited about Coal. I can't believe we got him. (As blender is going.)

M: Yah, what a pleasant surprise. We need those sometimes. I’m glad we’re able to rescue him. (Julia stops blending.)

J: Wow the consistency seems perfect. (As I am already fishing a spoon in to get a taste.)

M: Whoa! You have to try this! It’s like the perfect combination of tangy and sweet, and it has great texture.

J: Yah, good call on the lime and Pom.

M: Good call on NO sour cream. (Laughing as I put away the ingredients and Julia puts the stuff into a lunch bag.)

J: Good call on the smoothie – I didn’t even know you liked them or I’d make them more often. They’re so easy.

M: I do like them. And this one is super healthy! There’s no fat in the yogurt and 5 grams of fiber. No fat in the strawberries, OJ, Pom or lime juice but there’s a lot of potassium and antioxidants in there. Oh yeah, and the milk has 3 grams of fiber and only 1.5 grams of fat.

J: Wow that’s like no fat and tons of fiber, and it tastes awesome. You should blog about this.

M: Yah! Never thought this lunch-making session would be so “fruitful”. Another pleasant surprise!

J: Haha, very “punny”! A very pleasant surprise indeed. Ok, I’m going to watch diving. Go sleep, sleepyhead!

M: Don’t you love how the readers have no idea who Coal is?

J: Well, my Mom probably does.

M: Maybe I should post a picture.

J: Yes, but then they’d have to go all the way to the site to see it instead of just reading it in their e-mail or on Facebook.

M: Well I think they can manage to type in autofoodography.com in to their browsers.

J: This part of the conversation didn’t really happen. And even though I, Julia, am not really saying this since this part didn’t happen, I wouldn’t completely believe Mr. Wise Guy’s take on precisely how the real conversation (above) went down. But it’s close enough.


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