A Note

To all readers:

Thanks for reading my blog! I encourage anyone reading here to leave comments for any of the blog entries if I've inspired you, left you confused, or I have something plain wrong. Or any other reason. I will definitely respond to posts if it calls for that. I also encourage you to subscribe to the blog through RSS at the top (and bottom) of this page. You can also now sign up for email subscription by entering your email address at the top of the autoFOODography page.

Also, remember that I would love for you to share a recipe, restaurant, story or cooking/eating tip with the rest of the readers by sending it to me in the "Contact Me" button at the top of the autoFOODography page. And I will feature really cool ones in future posts and comments.

And tell people about this blog! I am trying to get the word out, so if you like what you read, send a few people over. They'll like it too! You can also become a fan of this blog and read previews of the entries on its Facebook Page.


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